Premium Two Storey Hutch

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In Stock

Premium Two Storey Hutch

Brand: Masterpet



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Masterpet Premium Two Storey Hutch, a perfect home for your precious pets. Designed specifically to withstand outdoor conditions, this deluxe hutch ensures a comfortable and cosy living space for your furry friends. It boasts a nesting box hideaway, allowing your pets to have their own private space for resting and relaxing.

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for your pets' wellness, and this hutch facilitates it with the inclusion of an easy-to-use pull-out cleaning tray, complete with a grate. The multiple access doors allow for easy interaction with your pets and make feeding, cleaning, and petting convenient and stress-free.

Assembling the Masterpet Premium Two Storey Hutch is a breeze, making it a fantastic choice for pet owners regardless of their previous experience with hutches. Your pets deserve a comfortable and secure home, and this premium hutch from Masterpet delivers just that.


Dimensions: 121L x 61W x 130H CM

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