Guinea Pig Young Diet Guinea Pig Food 2.25kg

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Guinea Pig Young Diet Guinea Pig Food 2.25kg

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

Oxbow Guinea Pig Young Diet is a premium food specifically designed to support the unique nutritional needs of growing, pregnant, or lactating guinea pigs. Expertly crafted from wholesome ingredients and fortified with essential nutrients, it provides a balanced and essential diet that fosters optimal health and wellbeing.

Loaded with adequate protein levels to bolster growing muscles, this 2.25kg guinea pig food offers a concentrated source of energy, ensuring that your pets receive the nutrients they need during their crucial developmental stages. With added vitamin C for a healthy immune system, and formulated to cater to your guinea pig’s delicate digestive system, Oxbow Guinea Pig Young Diet is a healthful and palatable choice to enrich their lives.

Advantages of Choosing Oxbow

  • Nutritionally complete diet for growing, pregnant, or lactating guinea pigs
  • High-quality protein tailored to their specific requirements
  • Fortified with essential vitamin C for a strong immune system
  • Supports digestion and gut health
  • Proudly made by trusted industry experts to ensure your pet thrives

Planet Pet offers a wide array of Oxbow products, making it the ultimate destination for all your pet care needs. Trust in our expertise and passion for pets to provide only the best for your beloved guinea pig.

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