Guinea Pig Pellets 1.25kg

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In Stock

Guinea Pig Pellets 1.25kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Peckish Guinea Pig Pellets are specifically formulated to provide your guinea pigs with a well-balanced diet that supports overall health and well-being. These nutritionally enriched pellets ensure your pets receive a high fibre content essential for maintaining digestive health, along with beneficial antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to boost their immune system. With the addition of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for guinea pigs, these pellets contribute to the overall health of their skin, coat, and body.


Available in a convenient 1.25kg bag, this package is an ideal size for guinea pig owners looking to provide their furry friends with a premium quality, nutritious food source.

Why Purchase from Planet Pet?

When shopping with Planet Pet, customers can trust the experience, expertise, and dedication of our team in selecting only the best pet products for their beloved pets. As a reputable Australian business with 20 years of industry experience, Planet Pet ensures that customers receive exceptional service and advice in choosing products tailored for their pets, such as Peckish Guinea Pig Pellets. Choose Planet Pet for a reliable partner in maintaining the happiness and health of your guinea pigs.

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