Lori-Wet 1kg

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Lori-Wet 1kg

Brand: Sheps



Key Features & Benefits

  • High-quality nutritional food for lories and lorikeets
  • Designed to replicate the natural diet of these colourful birds
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients
  • Easy-to-prepare wet mix formulation
  • High digestibility and palatability

Sheps Lori-Wet is a top-rated, expertly formulated bird food designed specifically to meet the unique dietary needs of lories and lorikeets. This 1kg pack provides a nutritious and balanced diet to support the overall health and well-being of these beautiful and fascinating birds.

One of the main advantages of the Sheps Lori-Wet formula is its ability to replicate the natural diet of lories and lorikeets in the wild. This ensures that your feathered friends receive all the essential nutrients they require to thrive, including a well-balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, and energy sources.

Preparing the Sheps Lori-Wet mixture is quick and easy, requiring a small amount of water to be added to the dry powder, creating a wet mix. This wet mix not only helps to maintain the bird’s hydration levels but also ensures high palatability and digestibility, keeping your pet happy and satisfied.

By choosing Sheps Lori-Wet, pet owners can trust Planet Pet as their source for high-quality and reliable food products that are tailored to the specific needs of lories and lorikeets. Make a smart choice for your bird’s health and well-being today with Sheps Lori-Wet 1kg.

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