Womb Fruit & Nut 330gm

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Womb Fruit & Nut 330gm




Features & Benefits

The Womb Fruit & Nut (330g) by PASSWELL is a specially-formulated wet food suitable for both pet and wild lorikeets. As experts in the pet industry, PASSWELL designed this food to provide optimal nutrition for these vibrant birds, ensuring that they receive a balanced diet.

Developed with care, this product blends proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, while also supplying essentials such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In doing so, it fosters the growth and health of lorikeets at any age.

Easy-to-Use Option

Womb Fruit & Nut not only promises quick and effortless feeding for the pet owner, but also allows them to attract wild lorikeets and honeyeaters to the garden with the enticing aroma and taste. This all-natural food source not only acts as nutrition for your own pets but can become an essential part of your outdoor environment, allowing you to enjoy the company of these beautiful birds even more.

Why Choose Planet Pet?

As a reputable Australian pet product supplier, Planet Pet offers only the highest quality items backed by our extensive industry experience. Opt for PASSWELL’s Womb Fruit & Nut to give your lorikeets the best possible diet, while simultaneously supporting their overall wellbeing.

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