Womb Parrot Pellets 1kg

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Womb Parrot Pellets 1kg




Features & Benefits

Wombaroo Parrot Pellets from PASSWELL offer a specifically formulated maintenance food for large parrots and cockatoos, including ringnecks, conures, rosellas, galahs, corellas, and sulphur crests. This 1kg package (SKU: 49072) contains a balanced and nutrient-rich formula that is low in fat and aims to reduce the obesity commonly associated with seed diets. With these parrot pellets, Planet Pet customers receive an economical and healthier alternative compared to traditional seed mixes.


The Wombaroo Parrot Pellets are available in a convenient 1kg package, providing a substantial supply for pet owners of large parrots and cockatoos.


  • Targeted nutrition for a variety of large parrots and cockatoos
  • Low-fat formula essential for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Economical compared to seed mixes, offering greater value
  • Helps curb obesity issues prevalent in seed-based diets
  • Expertly crafted by trusted brand PASSWELL to ensure high-quality ingredients

Choose Wombaroo Parrot Pellets from Planet Pet for a reliable, wholesome, and nutritious diet for your birds, allowing them to thrive and enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life as a result.

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