Plain Wooden Perch 41x1cm 2pk

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In Stock

Plain Wooden Perch 41x1cm 2pk

Brand: Penn Plax



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Penn Plax Plain Wooden Perch - a pack of two 41x1cm perches expertly crafted to provide the optimal perching experience for your feathered friends. The natural wood composition of these perches ensures outstanding durability and an environment-friendly choice for your pet birds.

These expertly crafted perches offer several benefits to your avian companions. The Penn Plax perches are made from high-quality wood that encourages proper foot exercise and promotes healthy feet, while providing a comfortable grip for the birds. Additionally, the simple, yet functional design allows you to easily attach and detach the perches, making cage maintenance a breeze.


Measuring 41cm in length and 1cm in diameter, the Penn Plax Plain Wooden Perch 2pk caters to a variety of bird species, making them the ideal addition to any bird lover’s aviary.

Purchase with confidence from Planet Pet, a trusted Australian pet product retailer dedicated to offering only the best for your beloved pets.

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