Critter Crib 1 Level Mouse Habitat

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Critter Crib 1 Level Mouse Habitat

Brand: Pet One



Critter Crib 1 Level Mouse Habitat

Expertly Designed Living Space

Introducing the Pet One Critter Crib 1 Level Mouse Habitat – a specially designed home for your little furry friends. Expertly crafted by Pet One, a trusted name in the pet industry, this comfortable and safe environment ensures your mice have an ideal living space to thrive in.

Spacious and Versatile

Featuring a single level design, the habitat offers ample space for your mice to explore and play. The well-ventilated environment contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pets. Easy to maintain, this mouse habitat is a breeze to clean, ensuring that your pets have a hygienic abode to live in.

Safe and Secure

The Critter Crib 1 Level Mouse Habitat is designed with your pets' safety in mind. Its durable construction and secure locking mechanism prevent any chance of accidental escape while keeping unwanted predators at bay.

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