Fibre Right Pellets Rabbit Food 1kg

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Fibre Right Pellets Rabbit Food 1kg

Brand: Peters



Features & Benefits

Planet Pet presents Peters Fibre Right Pellets Rabbit Food, a premium-quality rabbit food formulated to support the nutritional needs of your beloved bunny. Carefully crafted with a blend of high-quality Timothy Hay, these pellets promote good digestion and provide essential long fibre, necessary for a healthy rabbit diet.

In addition to Timothy Hay, Peters Fibre Right Pellets are enriched with vitamins and minerals, pea fibre, maize, sunflower oil, and yucca extract, ensuring a well-rounded meal for your furry friend. The added cranberry and rosehip extracts not only enhance the taste but also contribute valuable nutrients to support the overall wellbeing of your rabbit.

Adult rabbits typically consume 50-100g of food daily, depending on their size and age. While this rabbit food offers excellent nutritional benefits, it should not replace fresh vegetables in your pet’s diet. Always ensure your rabbit has access to fresh water alongside its daily helping of Peters Fibre Right Pellets.


This rabbit food is conveniently packaged in a 1kg bag, making it easy to store and portion for your pet’s daily feeding. Choose Peters Fibre Right Pellets Rabbit Food for a nutritious, fibre-rich option to support your rabbit’s health and happiness throughout its life.

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