Timothy Hay USA 1kg

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Timothy Hay USA 1kg

Brand: Peters



Features & Benefits

Peters Timothy Hay USA is a premium quality hay that is specially sourced from the United States to ensure your furry friend has access to the best nutrition possible. Packed with essential nutrients, this high-fibre formula is both low in calcium and comes with an ideal amount of proteins required by your little companion.

The benefits of including Peters Timothy Hay in your pet’s diet go beyond just providing essential nutrients. It also supports their overall health and wellness by promoting better digestion and improved dental health. The natural chewing action while gnawing on the hay helps wear down growing teeth and maintains a healthy mouth.

Though Peters Timothy Hay USA 1kg is an excellent source of nutrition, it should not solely replace a complete diet. Always ensure your pet has access to fresh water and other well-balanced meals. Trust Planet Pet for top-quality pet products that cater to your pet’s health and happiness.

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