Oaten Hay Box 8kg

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Oaten Hay Box 8kg

Brand: Peters



The Peters Oaten Hay 8kg Bag is a premium quality hay specially formulated for rabbits and guinea pigs. Grown in Australia, this hay is packed with natural flavour, a soft texture and a fresh aroma, making it an ideal food for your little darlings. With its high fibre content, low protein, and low calcium, it is perfect for promoting the digestive health of your pets.

Peters Oaten Hay is a source of long-strand fibre, which is vital to the digestive health of rabbits and guinea pigs. It is also known to promote healthy dentition by wearing down your pet’s constantly growing teeth. This hay’s distinctive nutty flavour and crunchy texture will keep your pets interested and engaged in their diet.

Peters is a trusted brand known for producing quality and consistent animal foods. This 8kg bag of Oaten Hay is essential to your pet’s diet, as grass hay should comprise 75% of a rabbit’s daily diet. With Peters Oaten Hay, you can be sure that you are providing your pet with the best possible nutrition.

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