Rosewood Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge

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Rosewood Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge




Introducing the ROSEWOOD Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge, a fantastic way to inspire interactivity and provide mental stimulation for your beloved pets. This intriguing treat-dispensing puzzle engages pets in search and scratch foraging behaviours, making mealtime an immersive and exciting activity.

Features & Benefits

  • Encourages interactive feeding and play, promoting improved mental health
  • Simulates natural foraging behaviours, providing a satisfying experience for your pet
  • Effectively busts boredom, keeping your pet entertained for extended periods
  • High-quality and durable design by trusted brand ROSEWOOD
The ROSEWOOD Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge is the perfect addition to your pet’s daily routine, alleviating boredom and assisting in developing their problem-solving skills. Invest in this dynamic treat dispensing game and watch your pet embark on an enjoyable culinary adventure. Choose Planet Pet, a well-established leader in Australian pet products, to provide your beloved pet with the best care and enrichment.

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