Rosewood Sea Grass Fun Ball Large

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Rosewood Sea Grass Fun Ball Large




Key Features and Benefits

Introduce the ROSEWOOD Sea Grass Fun Ball to your pet’s playtime for endless hours of entertainment and enrichment. Made from natural seagrass, this large fun ball is an excellent choice for a safe and eco-friendly toy. Ideal for all sorts of small pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rats, the Sea Grass Fun Ball offers a versatile yet exciting experience to satisfy their natural instincts and urges.

Designed with both functionality and entertainment in mind, this fun ball can act as a playing, nibbling, or chewing toy, allowing for improved dental health and overall well-being. As an added bonus, you can stuff the ball with your pet’s favourite hay, adding variety and personalisation to their playtime. Planet Pet ensures that this ROSEWOOD product is a top-quality, reliable, and enjoyable addition to your furry friend’s life.

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