Lori Wet Food 2.5kg

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Lori Wet Food 2.5kg

Brand: Sheps



Nutrition Specially Designed for Your Lori

Presenting the Sheps Lori Wet Food, a 2.5kg pack of premium nourishment meticulously crafted for Lorikeets, Lories, and Honey Eaters. This high-quality blend is designed with the unique dietary needs of your feathered friends in mind.

Created by Sheps, a brand known for its expertise and commitment to optimal pet care, this wet food formulation is carefully balanced to provide all the essential nutrients that contribute to the overall health and well-being of your beloved bird.

Every serving of the Sheps Lori Wet Food contains an assortment of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins tailored to suit the specific requirements of Lorikeets, Lories, and Honey Eaters. This ensures that your feathered companion receives a delightful, wholesome meal each time.

For a Healthy and Content Bird

Regular consumption of the Sheps Lori Wet Food 2.5kg not only eliminates the guesswork of preparing a nutritious meal for your bird but also guarantees a healthier, happier, and more vibrant pet. Trust Planet Pet, your go-to source for top-rated, reliable pet products in Australia, to provide your Lori with the nourishment it deserves.

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