Finch Crumbles

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Finch Crumbles

Brand: Vetafarm



Features & Benefits

Discover the benefits of Vetafarm Finch Crumbles, a high-quality bird food specifically designed by avian veterinarians to cater to the nutritional requirements of both finches and budgies. Crafted with a perfect balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium, this nourishing meal option supports egg formation, robust young development, and overall health in pet and breeding birds.

Extrusion-cooking technology is employed to produce Finch Crumbles, guaranteeing optimal digestibility and food value for your feathered friends. The newly improved formula includes inviting blueberry extract, adding a delicious flavour to the wholesome blend of fresh Australian ingredients.

Feeding Instructions

For the best results, offer Vetafarm Finch Crumbles as the primary food source, comprising 80% or more of your bird’s diet. This ensures your bird receives the complete nutrition required for a healthy life. Make sure to provide fresh water for your pet bird at all times.

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