T&R Laying Crumbles 15kg

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In Stock

T&R Laying Crumbles 15kg

Brand: Thompson & Redwood Produce

Categories: Chickens, Chicken Food



Features & Benefits

Thompson & Redwood Produce’s T&R Laying Crumbles are expertly formulated to provide hens with complete nutrition from 11 weeks of age. The balanced blend of essential nutrients is designed to support and maintain optimal health, vibrancy in feathers, and maximum egg production. This premium feed is ideal for laying hens, small breeds, and show birds, making it a perfect choice for poultry enthusiasts and egg farmers alike.

Comprising high-quality ingredients, T&R Laying Crumbles ensures that the birds under your care thrive and produce consistent, high-quality eggs. This 15kg bulk package offers an excellent value for money, reducing the need for frequent feed purchases and providing convenience for busy caretakers.

Please note: Due to regional restrictions, this product is not available for purchase in Western Australia.


The T&R Laying Crumbles are available in a 15kg pack, offering ample supply for poultry caretakers of various flock sizes.

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