Rodent Origins 2kg

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In Stock

Rodent Origins 2kg

Brand: Vetafarm



Features & Benefits

Vetafarm Rodent Origins is a 2kg nourishing pet food specifically formulated for rats and mice by expert veterinarians. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this complete diet ensures long-term health and vitality for your rodent pets.

With a delicious fruit flavour, Rodent Origins is designed with both taste and nutrition in mind. The specially extrusion cooked process enhances palatability and digestibility, ensuring your pets enjoy their meals while receiving top-notch nutrition.


The Vetafarm Rodent Origins 2kg pack is the perfect size for stocking up on your rats' and mice’s essential food source. By purchasing with Planet Pet, you can trust in the professionalism, knowledge, and convenience of our industry experience, knowing you’re providing the best care for your pets.

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