Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 6kg

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In Stock

Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 6kg

Brand: Watson & Williams



Features & Benefits

Feed your guinea pigs and rabbits the delightful Watson & Williams Guinea Pig and Rabbit Pellets, a nutritious and tasty choice that keeps them healthy and content. Specially crafted with high-quality grains and seeds sourced from Australia, these pellets are rich in protein, making them excellent for supporting the overall well-being of small animals.

Beyond taste and nutrition, Watson & Williams' pellets also contain added Vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in the immune system and overall health of guinea pigs and rabbits. This 6kg pack is designed to last, ensuring that your beloved pets receive a consistent and balanced diet.

Choose Planet Pet, Australia’s trusted name in pet products, for the Watson & Williams Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets that seamlessly combines excellent nutrition, tantalizing taste, and lasting freshness for your furry friends.

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