Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3kg

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In Stock

Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3kg

Brand: Watson & Williams



Product Overview

Presenting the Watson & Williams Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets, a thoughtfully crafted food solution designed to meet the nutritional requirements of rabbits and guinea pigs. Expertly blended using high-quality, natural ingredients sourced from Australia, this product provides essential nutrients such as protein and vitamin C to your beloved companions.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically tailored for guinea pigs and rabbits, catering to their unique dietary needs
  • Comprises a balanced mix of grains and seeds to provide a comprehensive nutrition profile
  • Enriched with protein for healthy growth and development
  • Fortified with added vitamin C to support immune health

Choose Planet Pet for Your Pet’s Well-being

At Planet Pet, we care deeply about the well-being of your furry family members. By choosing Watson & Williams Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3kg from Planet Pet, you’re investing in both quality nutrition and your pet’s overall wellness. Trust our experience and expertise to guide you in providing the best possible care for your cherished pets.

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