Healthy Bar Cockatiel Parsley & Pepper 100gm

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Healthy Bar Cockatiel Parsley & Pepper 100gm

Brand: Whistler

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Treats



Features & Benefits

Whistler’s Healthy Bar Cockatiel Parsley & Pepper 100gm, part of the Premier Bird Food Range, offers numerous advantages for your feathered companion. Expertly crafted and backed by scientific research, this bird food is specifically designed for cockatiels in order to provide them with the essential vitamins and minerals required for a happy, healthy life.

By incorporating high-quality ingredients like parsley and pepper, the Healthy Bar not only ensures optimal nutrition but also adds enticing flavours your cockatiel will love. Whether you are catering to a pet or wild bird, you can trust Whistler Avian Science’s expertise and dedication to providing species-appropriate nourishment and care.

Choose Planet Pet for an exceptional range of pet products and benefit from their professional, knowledgeable, and engaging customer service. With their help, you can make the best decision for your cockatiel’s well-being and happiness with quality resources and dietary solutions like Whistler’s Healthy Bar Cockatiel Parsley & Pepper 100gm.

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