Oval Bird Bath

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Oval Bird Bath

Brand: Kazoo

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Kazoo Oval Bird Bath, a delightful addition to any bird owner’s collection. This innovative bird bath is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for small to medium-sized birds, ensuring they remain happy and healthy.

Constructed with a deep basin, the Kazoo Oval Bird Bath allows birds to fully immerse themselves in the water, encouraging proper grooming habits and maintaining optimal feather condition. The bird bath is designed with a striking green and purple colour scheme to add a touch of style and vibrancy to your bird’s environment.

Measuring 13cm in diameter, this Kazoo bird bath offers a suitable size for a variety of bird species while being easy to clean and maintain. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting use, supporting your bird’s health and happiness for years to come.

Make a positive impact on your bird’s wellbeing by incorporating the Kazoo Oval Bird Bath into their living space. Trust Planet Pet for all your bird care essentials, offering professional advice and a range of quality products for pet owners in Australia.

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