Wood and Cement Bird Perch 40cm

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Wood and Cement Bird Perch 40cm

Brand: Living World



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Living World Wood and Cement Bird Perch, designed to provide your feathery companions with a beneficial and functional addition to their living space. Crafted from a unique blend of wood and cement infused with hardened seashells, this 40cm perch offers more than just support. The inclusion of seashells not only enhances the perch’s durability, but also contributes to your bird’s ongoing calcium intake.

Measuring 40cm in length, this innovative bird perch is suitable for various bird sizes and offers a jagged surface that facilitates natural nail and beak trimming. This helps keep your pet’s grooming needs in check and contributes to their overall well-being. Easily attachable to different sizes of bird enclosures, the Living World Wood and Cement Bird Perch offers versatility and convenience for both pet owners and their avian friends.

Choose the Living World Wood and Cement Bird Perch for a sturdy and purposeful addition to your bird’s habitat, while also supporting their health and comfort. Planet Pet provides this exceptional product as part of its extensive range of pet care solutions, ensuring professional quality and expertise for Australian pet owners.

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