Wooden Blocks & Beads Bird Toy

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In Stock

Wooden Blocks & Beads Bird Toy

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys




35cm in length

Features & Benefits

  • Entertaining and stimulating: This Wooden Blocks & Beads Bird Toy from Avi One offers a variety of textures that will keep your feathered friend engaged and happy.
  • Foraging encouragement: With this bird toy, birds can enjoy a natural and stimulating foraging experience, which helps prevent boredom and promotes their overall wellbeing.
  • Bird-safe construction: Made from durable materials, the Wooden Blocks & Beads Bird Toy is safe and long-lasting, ensuring your pet’s entertainment and safety.
  • Easy cage placement: Featuring a lockable pear link, this bird toy can be easily and securely attached within any bird cage.
  • Choose the perfect toy: Explore Planet Pet’s range of Avi One bird toys, which are available in a variety of textures and styles to suit your feathery companion’s preferences.

When looking to indulge your pet with the perfect bird toy, trust in Planet Pet’s expert knowledge and choose the Avi One Wooden Blocks & Beads Bird Toy. With high standards of quality and versatility, this toy is sure to be an excellent choice for your bird’s enjoyment.

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