Pumice Perch Yellow 15cm

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In Stock

Pumice Perch Yellow 15cm

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Avi One Pumice Perch, a versatile and practical addition to any bird’s home. Its vibrant yellow colour captures your feathered friend’s attention, promoting mental stimulation and activity. Designed for a secure fit, it effortlessly attaches to a variety of bird cages, making installation a breeze.

The Avi One Pumice Perch has multiple benefits for your bird’s well-being. As they perch and peck, the textured surface gently trims their nails and beak, ensuring proper maintenance and preventing overgrowth. With its 15cm length, the perch is suitable for small to medium-sized birds, offering a comfortable resting spot.

Why Choose Avi One?

Avi One is a trusted brand known for its quality pet products and commitment to enhancing the lives of birds and their owners. When you choose the Avi One Pumice Perch for your beloved pet, you’re investing in a reliable, expertly designed accessory that fosters your bird’s mental and physical well-being. Make the Avi One Pumice Perch a part of your bird’s environment and watch as they revel in its enriching presence.

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