Perch Mineral Calcium Root

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Perch Mineral Calcium Root

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

Self-fuming, non-toxic mineral perch: Designed for the comfort and safety of pet birds, the Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Root is a self-fuming perch that helps fulfil a bird’s need to chew, while maintaining their beak and nails at an optimal length.

Rich in calcium: This mineral perch provides essential calcium supplementation for birds, promoting beak and nail health, while also aiding in their overall wellbeing.

Foot muscle comfort: The unique root design assists in alleviating foot muscle pain often experienced by birds on traditional perches, ensuring that they remain comfortable and healthy in their living environment.

Easy installation: The sturdy bolt attachment ensures that the perch can be effortlessly fastened to any cage, providing a safe and secure platform for birds of various styles and sizes.

Choose Planet Pet as the trustworthy source for high-quality pet products, and rely on Avi One’s expertise in creating items that enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Experience the benefits of a happy and healthy bird with the Perch Mineral Calcium Root by Avi One.

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