Rabbit Nuggets with Mint Rabbit Food 2kg

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In Stock

Rabbit Nuggets with Mint Rabbit Food 2kg

Brand: Burgess



Features & Benefits

Burgess Rabbit Nuggets with Mint offers a premium-quality food option for rabbit owners seeking the very best for their furry friends. Carefully crafted from high-quality ingredients, these rabbit nuggets support improved digestion and general health, ensuring rabbits lead a happy and active life. The tasteful addition of mint enhances the flavour, ensuring that rabbits find it irresistible.

This 2kg pack provides a generous supply, ensuring that your rabbit enjoys a well-balanced and nutritious diet in the long term. Designed by the iconic Burgess brand, this rabbit food is backed by the expertise of a company committed to delivering excellent pet products that benefit both pets and their human companions.


This nutritious rabbit food is available in a durable, easy-to-store 2kg bag, making it an ideal option for rabbit owners looking to provide their pets with a consistent source of nourishment.

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