Grains Parrot Bird Food 20kg

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Grains Parrot Bird Food 20kg

Brand: Green Valley

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Introduce your feathered friends to a delightful and nutritious meal with Green Valley Grains Parrot Bird Food. This premium parrot mix offers a wholesome combination of black sunflower seeds, oats, whole maize, sorghum, and other nutritious ingredients, catering to your pet’s dietary needs. By serving this delicious and healthy blend, pet owners can be assured they are providing their parrots with an exceptional diet geared towards maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being.

Green Valley carefully formulates their Parrot Bird Food to ensure high-quality standards, making it an ideal choice for responsible and loving pet owners. The enticing variety of ingredients encourages a balanced diet, helping to support your parrot’s nutritional needs for a happy and healthy life. Furthermore, the 20kg pack size ensures ample supply for your pet, eliminating the hassle of frequent purchases.

Size: The Green Valley Grains Parrot Bird Food is available in a convenient 20kg bag, ensuring a long-lasting, nutritious food source for your beloved feathered companion.

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