Cockatoo & Parrot Seed Mix 2.5kg

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Cockatoo & Parrot Seed Mix 2.5kg

Brand: Watson & Williams

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Features & Benefits

Watson & Williams' Cockatoo & Parrot Seed Mix is a carefully crafted blend designed to meet the nutritional needs of various breeds of cockatoos and parrots. This 2.5kg seed mix contains a selection of 100% Australian-grown grains and seeds, ensuring the highest quality nourishment for your feathered friends.

Some of the key ingredients in the mix include oats, sorghum, wheat, white European grit, black safflower, corn, fine oaks, safflower, and hulled oats. These components not only provide essential nutrients but also help stimulate natural foraging behaviour in your birds.


The seed mix is conveniently available in a 2.5kg pack, perfect for regular use with your cockatoos and parrots.

Feeding Instructions

To maintain optimal health for your birds, fill up their seed dish daily with the Watson & Williams Cockatoo & Parrot Seed Mix. Be sure to remove any empty seed husks before refilling the dish.


For best results, store the seed mix away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place to preserve its freshness and quality.


It is crucial for your cockatoos and parrots to have access to cool, fresh water at all times. Regular hydration helps maintain their overall wellbeing and vibrant health.

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