Grains Parrot Bird Food 10kg

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In Stock

Grains Parrot Bird Food 10kg

Brand: Green Valley

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Green Valley Grains Parrot Bird Food provides the perfect balance of nutrition and variety to keep your beloved parrot both healthy and engaged in their daily activities. This specifically formulated mix of high-quality ingredients such as black sunflower seeds, oats, whole maize, and sorghum caters to the unique dietary requirements of parrots, ensuring they receive all the essential nutrients for optimal well-being.

Beyond nourishment, the diverse assortment of ingredients found in this 10kg bird food mix adds a stimulating element to your parrot’s daily routine. The combination of textures and tastes encourages natural foraging behaviours, creating an exciting environment for them to explore and promoting mental enrichment.

By choosing Green Valley Grains Parrot Bird Food, you’ll be supporting a trusted Australian brand with a solid reputation for offering top-quality pet products. Planet Pet is proud to offer this outstanding product to cater to your parrot’s dietary needs, because we understand how important it is for pet owners to provide the best for their feathery companions.

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