Grains Pigeon Bird Food 20kg

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In Stock

Grains Pigeon Bird Food 20kg

Brand: Green Valley

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Green Valley Grains Pigeon Bird Food is specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition for your pigeons. This premium-grade pigeon mix contains a variety of all-natural seeds that pigeons thrive on, ensuring they receive a balanced and delicious diet. The blend is further enriched with essential oils that support their overall health and well-being.

Proudly offering more than just a tasty treat between meals, this Green Valley pigeon food caters to your bird’s dietary needs, helping maintain their energy levels, support feather health, and encourage strong immune systems.

When choosing Planet Pet as your source for pet products, you are guaranteed quality, convenience, and excellent customer service. By selecting the Green Valley Grains Pigeon Bird Food, you can confidently provide your feathered companion with the nutritious diet they deserve.


Available in a generous 20kg bag, this Green Valley product ensures a long-lasting supply of nutritious food for your pigeons. Trust Planet Pet for all of your pet care needs, and experience the difference in keeping your pet companions happy and healthy.

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