Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food 5kg

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In Stock

Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food 5kg

Brand: Green Valley

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Green Valley Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food is specifically formulated to cater to the nutritional needs and tastes of small parrots. This carefully crafted mix offers a delightful variety of seeds that small parrots naturally favour as tasty snacks between meals. Packed with wholesome ingredients, this bird food blend serves as a delicious and nutritious treat for your feathered friends.

Enriched with essential oils, the Small Parrot Mix promotes health and vitality in small parrots. This well-balanced bird food blend not only satisfies your parrot’s taste buds, but also supports their overall well-being. Offer your precious pets the optimal nutrition they deserve with Green Valley’s 5kg Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food, and watch them flourish.


The product is available in a generous 5kg packaging, ensuring a long-lasting supply of wholesome food for your small parrots to enjoy and thrive on.

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