Brunch Small Animal Treat 450g

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Brunch Small Animal Treat 450g

Brand: Peters



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat, a delightful combination of dried fruit, vegetables, and Timothy hay specifically designed for small animals. This enticing treat not only satisfies their taste buds but also provides an excellent source of nutrients and fibre to complement their regular diet of hay.

The 450g Peters Brunch blend features Timothy grass extrusions, cereal extrusions, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pea flakes, dried carrots, and dried apples. This diverse mix of ingredients provides varying textures and delicious flavours, making it the ideal treat for your pet to start or end their day. The aromatic blend attracts small animals, ensuring they enjoy their treat and eagerly await the next serving.

As a trusted and reputable brand, Peters has created this unique treat keeping the nutritional needs and preferences of small animals in mind. By offering the Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat, you will be providing your pet with an exceptional and delicious way to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.


This delightful mix is available in a convenient 450g package, ensuring ample supply for numerous treat servings to be enjoyed by your small animal companions.

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