Energy Block for Chickens with Herbs & Garlic

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Energy Block for Chickens with Herbs & Garlic

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Peters Energy Block with Herbs and Garlic, a perfect high-energy supplement for all breeds of chickens. This tantalising treat not only adds a flavourful twist to their diet, but also significantly contributes to keeping your backyard hens healthy, energetic, and productive.

Packed with essential nutrients, the Energy Block has an impressive content of linoleic acid, which plays a pivotal role in increasing egg production and enhancing the size of eggs laid by your hens. This ensures consistent and high-quality egg production right at the comfort of your own backyard.

Feeding your chickens with this nutritious energy block is incredibly simple. Remove the lid and packaging, then place the block on the floor of your chicken coop, allowing your flock to feed freely. Alternatively, you can choose to divide the energy block into smaller portions and ration it over several days, depending on the specific needs of your chickens.

When it comes to the wellbeing of your chickens and optimal egg production, the Peters Energy Block with Herbs and Garlic is the ideal choice. Trust Planet Pet to provide a reliable, high-quality product for your poultry’s nourishment and happiness.

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