2 Tier Dual Cardboard Foraging Box Bird Toy Small

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In Stock

2 Tier Dual Cardboard Foraging Box Bird Toy Small

Brand: Kazoo

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Kazoo 2 Tier Dual Cardboard Foraging Box Bird Toy Small, an ideal tool for keeping your avian friends entertained and mentally stimulated. Specially designed for small birds, this two-tier foraging box provides a delightful challenge, encouraging natural foraging behaviours to keep their minds active and healthy.

Constructed from durable and bird-safe cardboard, this Kazoo bird toy offers a reliable and fun activity for birds to engage in. The bright colours and visually appealing design will attract your bird’s attention, inviting them to explore and interact with the toy.

As a Planet Pet customer, you can trust this Kazoo bird toy will provide endless entertainment for your feathered friends while ensuring their mental wellbeing is closely taken care of. Its easy installation and compatibility with most bird cages make it a perfect addition to your bird’s play area.

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