Wood and Cement Bird Perch 45cm

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Wood and Cement Bird Perch 45cm

Brand: Living World



Features & Benefits

The Living World Wood and Cement Bird Perch provides a unique combination of natural wood and crushed seashells in a 45cm length, making it a versatile addition to any birdcage. This innovative design offers a wealth of benefits to both pet owners and their feathered friends.

As a practical perch solution, this dual-material design not only offers a comfortable place for birds to rest, but also helps in maintaining their nails and beak in good condition, thanks to the abrasive surface from the crushed seashells. The seashells also serve as a valuable source of calcium, which is essential for the overall health and well-being of pet birds.

Easily mounted in most birdcages of varying sizes, these durable perches, available in a pack of two, are a smart, long-lasting investment for bird lovers looking to create a welcoming and engaging environment for their pets. Discover the convenience and benefits of the Living World Wood and Cement Bird Perch, and experience the difference it makes for the health and happiness of your cherished bird companions.

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