Fiesta Wild Bird Seed 15kg

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In Stock

Fiesta Wild Bird Seed 15kg

Brand: Peters

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Features & Benefits

Introducing Peters Fiesta Wild Bird Seed, a top-quality blend of fresh grains and plump seeds, designed to attract a wide range of large Australian wild birds to your garden. Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant haven for the country’s most beautiful species, including Red Winged Parrots, Grand Parrots, Galahs, and Cockatoos.

This premium 15kg bag of bird seed mix provides essential nutrients for maintaining the health and wellbeing of visiting wild birds. With its rich assortment of tempting grains, seeds, and textures, you’ll be providing much-needed sustenance, while also helping to preserve your local bird population.

At Planet Pet, we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the best in pet products. By selecting Peters Fiesta Wild Bird Seed, you’re not only providing a nutritious feast for your feathered friends but also supporting a reputable and trusted brand in the pet industry.

Size Information

  • Peters Fiesta Wild Bird Seed is available in a generous 15kg bag, SKU: 79259.

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