Budgie Treat Mix 400g

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In Stock

Budgie Treat Mix 400g

Brand: Watson & Williams

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Watson & Williams Budgie Treat Mix 400g offers a highly nutritious and tasty supplement for your precious budgie. This gourmet mix is infused with rich, natural ingredients such as parsley flakes, carrot flakes, apple bits, and hulled oats, providing excellent health benefits and a delightful, flavoursome treat for your pet bird. It is also enriched with white vitriol mineral, vitamin pellets, and multi-coloured millet, which encourage overall wellness and support your bird’s colourful plumage.

Feeding Instructions

Offer the Budgie Treat Mix in a separate feed dish or sprinkle it onto the regular seed mix as a premium maturing food. Be sure to provide cool, fresh water at all times for proper hydration.

Storage Tips

To maintain freshness and optimal quality, store Watson & Williams Budgie Treat Mix in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Why Choose Planet Pet

Planet Pet is your trusted Australian source for high-quality pet products, offering expert knowledge and exceptional service. When you choose Watson & Williams Budgie Treat Mix at Planet Pet, you know you’re providing your cherished feathered friend with a delightful, nutritious treat they’ll love.

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