Premium Canary & Finch Seed Blend 2kg

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Premium Canary & Finch Seed Blend 2kg

Brand: Watson & Williams

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Watson & Williams Premium Canary & Finch Seed Blend is a top-quality, 100% Australian made natural seed mix designed specifically for canaries and finches. This carefully formulated blend ensures the health and happiness of your feathered companions. The addition of coated shell grit aids in digestion, further enhancing your pet’s well-being.

Ingredients & Nutrition

The seed blend features a variety of nutritious ingredients, including panicum millet, white French millet, canola, fine aviary grit, roasted millet, daily oats, and plain canary seed. This combination provides a balanced and wholesome diet for your birds, ensuring they receive all the essential nutrients they need.

Feeding & Storage Instructions

Make sure to remove seed husks from the dish before refilling it with fresh seed blend. Always have cool, fresh water available for your birds. To maintain the quality and freshness of the seed blend, store it out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Convenient Packaging

The 2kg Watson & Williams Premium Canary & Finch Seed Blend comes in a user-friendly package that is simple to store and pour, making feeding your birds quick and hassle-free. Trust Planet Pet to provide the best in pet care products, always focusing on quality and convenience for our customers.

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