Premium Small Parrot Seed Blend 2kg

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Premium Small Parrot Seed Blend 2kg

Brand: Watson & Williams

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Features & Benefits

The Watson & Williams Premium Small Parrot Seed Blend is a carefully formulated, all-natural mix specifically designed for the nutritional needs of small parrots. This high-quality 2 kg blend combines a variety of seeds, vitamins and minerals, along with added shell grit for maximum bird health and happiness. Proudly 100% Australian and made from the finest ingredients.


This nutritious blend features an assortment of locally-sourced seeds such as white French millet, grey sunflower, safflower, plain canary seed, Panum millet, Japanese millet, hulled oats, and fine aviary grit. In addition, essential vitamins and minerals are provided through the inclusion of green, Vitamin & Mineral Aviary Pellets.

Supports Health & Digestion

By including shell grit in the mix, the Premium Small Parrot Seed Blend aids in digestion, leading to a healthier and happier feathered friend. This carefully crafted formula ensures that your small parrot receives the necessary nutrients to thrive.

Feeding & Storage Instructions

Refill your parrot’s seed dish daily and remove all empty seed husks before restocking. Always ensure cool, fresh water is readily available for your bird. To maintain the blend’s freshness and quality, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Convenient Packaging

Planet Pet’s Watson & Williams Premium Small Parrot Seed Blend comes in an easy-to-store, pourable packaging for your convenience. This blend is the perfect choice for keeping your small parrot healthy, well-fed, and satisfied with their diet.

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