Bird Toy Ladder with Geometric Beads

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Bird Toy Ladder with Geometric Beads

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Upgrade your feathery friend’s playtime with the Avi One Bird Toy Ladder with Geometric Beads. This vibrant and engaging bird toy, designed by the trusted team at Avi One, provides both physical and mental stimulation for your beloved avian companion.

Constructed from durable, bird-safe materials, this ladder is designed to stand up to even the most energetic of playtimes, ensuring hours of fun and excitement for your pet. Its colourful, geometric beads not only add visual appeal but also help to develop your bird’s cognitive abilities, encouraging problem-solving and coordination skills.

Features & Benefits

  • Vibrant colours stimulate visual interest
  • Geometric beads encourage cognitive development
  • Durable, bird-safe materials for lasting enjoyment
  • Fits most cages for easy installation
  • Enhances physical activity and reduces boredom

With an easy-to-install design, the Bird Toy Ladder with Geometric Beads by Avi One fits securely onto most bird cages, providing your pet with ample opportunities for climbing, swinging, and exploring. Keep your feathered friend entertained and happy by adding this versatile, engaging toy from Planet Pet to their environment today!

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