Bird Toy Wooden Ladder 7 Rung with beads

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Bird Toy Wooden Ladder 7 Rung with beads

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Quality Construction for Endless Entertainment

Introducing the Avi One Bird Toy Wooden Ladder, created to provide endless entertainment and stimulation for your feathered friends. Designed with 7 rungs, this wooden ladder is equipped with colourful beads that enhance visual interest and encourage exploration. The ladder’s safe, non-toxic materials ensure the well-being of your pet birds, delivering both mental and physical benefits.

Encourage Exercise and Play

By incorporating the Avi One Wooden Ladder into your bird’s habitat, you promote a variety of beneficial activities such as exercise, play, and problem-solving. Birds will delight in climbing the ladder, interacting with the vibrant beads, all while developing and maintaining their agility and strength—a perfect addition to any aviary or birdcage.

Durable and Easy to Install

Built with durability in mind, the Avi One Wooden Ladder is designed to withstand the rigours of daily play from curious beaks and sharp talons. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and easy installation in any bird enclosure. Planet Pet is proud to offer Avi One’s innovative and high-quality pet products to support bird owners in Australia, providing a safe and stimulating environment for birds to thrive.

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