Wood and Cement Bird Perches 2 Pack

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In Stock

Wood and Cement Bird Perches 2 Pack

Brand: Penn Plax



Features & Benefits

Penn Plax Wood and Cement Bird Perches provided in a convenient-two-pack offer your feathered friends a comfortable and healthy roost while ensuring their beak and nails stay well-groomed. These perches are designed with a unique blend of natural wood and highly durable cement, creating an optimal surface for your bird’s needs.

With a coating of crushed sea shells incorporated into the cement, these perches deliver an extra boost of calcium to your pet’s diet, contributing to their overall wellbeing. These perches are easy to install in any bird cage and provide an environment that simulates the natural habitat of your avian pets, encouraging them to engage in instinctive behaviours.


Each package contains two perches designed to fit a variety of bird cages and housing requirements. By offering different perch sizes, your birds will have a choice of resting spots, encouraging relaxation and preventing boredom. The Penn Plax Wood and Cement Bird Perches make an excellent addition to any avian living space, ensuring content and healthy pets.

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