Wild Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg

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Wild Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg

Brand: Watson & Williams

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Watson & Williams Wild Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg, a wholesome blend specifically crafted for wild birds, providing essential nutrition they need for healthy growth and vitality. This all-natural mix is composed of high-quality whole grains and seeds, including Ozom, oats, wheat, barley, black sunflower, corn, and safflower, making it an ideal choice for supporting a variety of wild bird species.

Enhanced with fine aviary grit, this blend not only caters to the dietary requirements of wild birds but also aids in their digestion. Keeping the environment in mind, the Watson & Williams Wild Bird Seed Mix is free of artificial additives, ensuring that your feathered visitors can enjoy a truly natural and nutritious meal.

Usage & Storage

To maximize its benefits, it is recommended to fill the daily seed dish with this rich mix and remove any empty seed husks before replacing. Don't forget to provide cool, fresh water for the birds, as hydration is just as important as a well-rounded diet.

For optimal freshness and to maintain the high-quality nutritional content, store the Watson & Williams Wild Bird Seed Mix away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

Choose Planet Pet and provide the best care for wild birds with the Watson & Williams Wild Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg, offering not only nutrition but also supporting the well-being of birds in the surrounding environment.

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