Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food 20kg

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In Stock

Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food 20kg

Brand: Green Valley

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Green Valley Grains Small Parrot Mix Bird Food is an exceptional choice for pet owners who want to provide their little feathered friends with a diverse and nutritious diet. Made with high-quality seeds and oils, this bird food is designed to keep small parrots healthy and content.

The blend of ingredients in this parrot mix not only offers variety to meet your bird’s natural cravings but also ensures they receive the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. The carefully selected seeds and oils provide a well-rounded mix, making it an excellent choice as a snack between meals or a supplemental treat.

Developed by Green Valley, a trusted Australian pet product brand, this 20kg bag of Small Parrot Mix Bird Food is ideal for pet owners seeking a reliable and nourishing option for their small parrot. Planet Pet is proud to offer customers an extensive range of Green Valley products to help keep their pets happy and healthy.

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