Snack Play Treat Hold Bird Toy 4in

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Snack Play Treat Hold Bird Toy 4in

Brand: Jungle Talk

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Planet Pet proudly presents the Jungle Talk Snack Play Treat Hold Bird Toy, the perfect interactive accessory for your feathered friend. Designed to entertain and enrich your pet birds' lives, this high-quality toy boasts a 4-inch size that is appropriate for parrots and other medium to large-sized birds.

Constructed of natural cotton rope and flavored wood, this treat holder promises not only to provide your bird with physical activity but also mental stimulation. By offering your pet bird a challenging treat-dispensing experience, you support their overall well-being and nurture their natural instincts.

Simply fill the Snack Play Treat Holder with your bird’s favourite treats and watch as they enjoy hours of foraging fun. With its durable materials and engaging design, this innovative toy will quickly become your companion’s go-to for fun and flavorful stimulation.

Choose the Jungle Talk Snack Play Treat Hold Bird Toy for your feathered friend, and invest in this excellent addition to their cage, fostering a happy, healthy, and entertained bird. Trust in Planet Pet as your premier source for pet products, offering you the best in quality, service, and value.

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