Oat Wheat & Barley Hay 16oz

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Oat Wheat & Barley Hay 16oz

Brand: Alfalfa King



Introducing Alfalfa King Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay

Presenting the Alfalfa King Oat, Wheat, and Barley Hay - a premium three-grain grass blend formulated to treat small pets with an appetising and healthy snack option. This delectable mix comprises an abundance of seed heads and fibre, catering to the nutritional needs and preferences of your beloved pet.

Unparalleled Freshness and Quality

Alfalfa King’s unique double-compression process aids in preserving the leaf structure and sealing in vital nutrients. Hand-packed with care, every 16oz package of Oat, Wheat, and Barley Hay promises optimal freshness and unparalleled quality for your pet’s enjoyment.

Features & Benefits

  • Double Compression: Ensures excellent preservation of leaf structure and nutrient content
  • High-Quality Packaging: Specially designed to maintain the vibrant green colour and freshness of the hay
  • 100% Natural: No additives or artificial ingredients to ensure the health and well-being of your pet
  • Optimum Fibre Length: Offers essential long-strand fibre for optimal digestion and overall health

As a recurring treat or occasional supplement to their regular diet, Alfalfa King Oat, Wheat, and Barley Hay is sure to become a favourite among small pets. Planet Pet appreciates the significance of choosing what’s best for your furry companions and confidently recommends Alfalfa King products for their exceptional quality and dietary benefits.

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