Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 20kg

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Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 20kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Optimum Nutrition: Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets are specifically formulated to provide your furry friends with a balanced and nutritious diet, ideal for both guinea pigs and rabbits.

High Protein & Natural Fibers: This 20kg pellet mix boasts a high protein and natural fiber content, carefully selected to promote healthy eating behaviours and aid in maintaining a balanced digestion for your small pets.

Complements Natural Roughage: Pairing these pellets with additional natural resources of roughage, such as fresh hay and vegetables, will ensure optimal results and support overall health and wellbeing for your guinea pigs and rabbits.


The 20kg pack size of Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets ensures a long-lasting supply of essential nutrients, suitable for pet owners with multiple small animals or simply for extended use.

Purchasing Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets from Planet Pet ensures professional, knowledgeable advice, and helpful customer service. Trust in Planet Pet’s 20 years of industry experience when it comes to providing pet owners with high-quality products for their beloved pets.

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