Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Banana

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Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Banana

Brand: Penn Plax

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Treats



Features & Benefits

Penn Plax Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Banana offers a unique and effective solution to support the overall well-being of your precious feathered friends. This innovative blend of essential nutrients, including calcium and minerals, ensures that your pet birds receive the necessary dietary components to maintain good health.

Infused with a delightful banana flavour, this mineral treat not only caters to your bird’s nutritional needs but also serves as a tasty snack. The inclusion of cuttlebone in the treat promotes proper beak trimming and conditioning. This natural instinct stimulation helps to prevent potential health issues caused by overgrown beaks.

By choosing Planet Pet as your trusted supplier, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase comes from a reputable, Australian-based company. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the pet industry guarantees that we offer only the highest quality products for your beloved pets. Enhance your bird’s diet and overall health with the Penn Plax Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Banana today.

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