Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Berry

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In Stock

Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Berry

Brand: Penn Plax

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Penn Plax Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Berry, a natural and uniquely formulated product designed to promote optimal health for your feathered companion. This exceptional treat combines essential calcium and minerals, providing the perfect supplement to a well-balanced diet for your bird.

What sets the Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Berry apart is its unique design, tailored to stimulate your bird’s natural pecking instincts. The vibrant colours contribute to maintaining your bird’s interest, ensuring they enjoy their treat while also benefiting from its trimming and conditioning properties for beaks.

Trust in Penn Plax’s commitment to quality, ensuring your pet receives the best care possible. With the Mineral Treat with Cuttlebone Berry, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re providing your bird with a safe and beneficial addition to their daily routine.


This mineral treat is available under the SKU 67473, ensuring an ideal size for birds of various breeds and sizes.

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