Brunch Small Animal Treat 90g

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Brunch Small Animal Treat 90g

Brand: Peters



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat, a delightful and nutritious blend specially designed to treat your small animal friends. This exciting meal, packaged in a 90g pine bowl, combines premium Timothy Grass Extrusions, Cereal Extrusions, and a variety of delicious fruits and seeds to satisfy even the most discerning small animal palates.

The Peters Brunch Bowl not only provides a delectable mix of flavors but also contributes to your pet’s overall health. As your furry friend nibbles on the included Timothy Hay, their dental hygiene is improved, with every bite helping to keep their teeth trimmed and properly aligned within the mouth.

Among the wholesome ingredients in the Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat are antioxidant-rich Cranberries, nutrient-dense Pumpkin Seeds, Pea Flakes, Dried Carrots, and Dried Apple. The combination of these ingredients, brought together by a plant-based binding agent, ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable meal for your small pet.

As part of Planet Pet’s commitment to sustainability, the charming boat-shaped pine tray that houses the treat is made of wood sourced from renewable forests. So you can feel good knowing that your purchase not only benefits your beloved pet but also helps support environmentally friendly practices.


The Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat comes in a convenient net weight of 90g, making it the perfect size for a delightful snack or treat for your furry companion.

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